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Rental housing Platform for International students in USA

Built by Ex-students of University of New Haven

359 Elm st

359 Elm st, 1st FloorWest Haven, 3Bhk

1.2 miles from University of New haven,

Rent: $2100


357 Elm st, West Haven, 2Bhk

1 miles from University of New haven,

Rent: $1800

359 Elm st

359 Elm st, 2nd Floor,West Haven, 2Bhk

1.2 miles from University of New haven,

Rent: $1600

How it Works


Sign Up, browse for your likely home,


Create a new group if you are looking for roommates or if you already have one, you can proceed with booking,


Upload your  I20,Financial supporting document (Bank Loan, CA report) - All group members documents, 


Our agent will call you and will complete booking in one day.

Why Choose Gamyam


No SSN required


No Upfront Payment needed, Payment upon arrival to USA


Verified Listings


Book before you land in USA

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  • What if I face issues with my rental home after moving in?
    We are committed to ensuring a smooth experience for our clients. If you face any issues, you can contact us directly, and we will assist you in resolving them with the landlord.
  • What kind of support does your platform offer once I move in?
    We offer ongoing support for any queries or issues you might have regarding your rental home. Our team is always here to help you settle in comfortably.
  • Do you provide airport pickup services?
    We do not offer individual airport pickup services. However, we can assist you in getting affordable rides. If all your roommates are arriving together from the airport, we provide a free pickup service.
  • What are Single Rooms
    Existing students in USA will list any empty rooms available in their home either for temporary or permanent accommodation. Payments are not handled by Gamyam, Please connect with students who had listed and we'd advice you to pay upon arrival to your room in USA.
  • What documents are required for verification?
    We require the following documents for verification: Aadhar card, I-20 form, bank loan or financial support document (CA report), credit history report from Paytm, and xerox copy of your passport along with above documents at the time of your arrival to USA.
  • How long does it take to process my documents and confirm my booking?
    After you upload your documents, our agent will contact you within a day to explain the booking process and finalize your accommodation in a day.
  • What are Groups?
    Here you can find your next roommate, you can create a new group or join a existing group and take room together with your fellow students
  • How will I get the landlord's contact information?
    Once you arrive in the USA, we will introduce you to your landlord and share their contact details with you.
  • What is the lease period for the rental homes?
    The lease period is typically 12 months.
  • What if I need to move out before my lease ends?
    If you need to move out before your lease ends, please inform your roommates and us as soon as possible. You may still be responsible for your portion of the rent until a new roommate is found. We advice to have a discussion with your roommates on the same.
  • How can I pay my rent?
    Rent can be paid either in cash or via Zelle at the beginning of each month directly to the landlord. Zelle ( similar to Phonepe/Paytm in India)
  • Do I have to pay upfront for booking a rental home?
    No, there are no upfront payments required. You can pay the rent or deposit after you reach your booked rental home in the USA. You have to pay one month's rent as deposit and one month's rent upfront after you reach your booked rental home.
  • Is it necessary to sign a lease contract before arrival?
    Yes, due to high demand for student housing, we require students to sign an online lease contract via email to assure their commitment to taking the house.
  • Can I negotiate the rent with the landlord?
    Rent negotiation depends on the landlord and the rental market and you can do it after six month's of your initial stay. While it's possible to negotiate, it's not always common in areas with high demand for housing.
  • What is renters' insurance, and do I need it?
    Renters' insurance provides coverage for your personal belongings in case of theft, damage, or other losses. It's not mandatory but is highly recommended by landlords in USA to protect your valuables. It costs about $15 per month for up to $30,000 in personal property coverage.
  • Is it possible to request a single-gender roommate pairing?
    Yes, you can request a single-gender roommate pairing. Please indicate this preference when you sign up or create a private or public group to meet fellow students with your preference.
  • What should I do if my roommate leaves before the lease ends?
    If your roommate leaves before the lease ends, please inform us immediately. You may need to find a new roommate or cover their portion of the rent until a replacement is found.
  • How are rent and utilities divided among roommates?
    Typically, rent and utilities are split equally among roommates. We advise having a clear agreement from the start to avoid misunderstandings. You can use apps like splitwise to keep your expenses on track.
  • Can I choose my roommates?
    Yes, you are free to choose your roommates. If you are looking for roommates, you can create a private or public group and invite other students and discuss there and take a home for rent.
  • Are utilities included in the rent?
    This depends on the rental agreement. Some rentals include utilities (like water, gas, electricity, and internet) in the rent, while others require tenants to pay for utilities separately. Check the property listing or inquire with us for specific details.
  • What if I need repairs or maintenance in my rental home?
    For repairs or maintenance, contact your landlord. It's their responsibility to ensure that the property is in good condition. You can also contact us, We can guide you.
  • Are the rental homes furnished?
    The furnishing status of rental homes varies. Please check the listing details or inquire with us for specific information about the furnishing of each property. Basic amenities like refrigerator, Kitchen gas/electric connection, Laundry is provided.
  • Can I view the rental home before booking?
    As our service is designed for students arriving from India, physical viewing before booking might not be feasible. However, we provide detailed descriptions, photos, and in some cases, virtual tours of the properties.
  • How do I set up internet and utilities if they're not included?
    Sometimes they are setup upfront, If utilities are not included, you'll need to set them up with local providers. We can provide guidance on how to contact utility and internet service providers in your area.

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